Who We Are

The Blue Blaze Story


Follow a trail deep in the woods, and you may stumble upon a painted marking on a tree. Known as a blaze, this simple symbol serves an important purpose – it leads you down the right path, especially in areas that may seem unclear.

A good communications plan is like a blaze. You need to chart the best path to reach your audiences. Youchoose the correct symbols and messages to catch their attention. Finally, you place them where they will be seen, noticed and followed. 

At Blue Blaze Public Relations, LLC, we are focused on identifying the right messages, delivering them through the right channels to the right people, to ultimately influence a behavior. It’s a discipline that at its core is very simple. Yet it couldn’t be more important.

The Founder

Kim Skeltis, APR, has been blazing trails her entire life. Accredited in Public Relations through the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA), Kim brings 20 years of communications expertise serving organizations from corporations, to non-profits, to government agencies. A veteran of the agency world, Kim offers the collective experience of working at two global PR agencies (managing the Detroit office for one of them) and a boutique firm. With that experience comes a sensitivity to helping her clients articulate and solve their business needs.

Kim is a communications generalist at heart, equally comfortable managing the tactics of a media launch of the country’s smallest vehicle in 50 U.S. cities as she is with shepherding the rebranding of Detroit’s oldest coffee roaster. She has managed clients in almost every industry sector, including tourism and economic development, automotive and transportation, and education and retail. Kim’s PR tenure also includes in-house positions with the Michigan Department of Natural Resources, Central Michigan University and a commercial construction firm.

For more about Kim, visit her on LinkedIn.

When not in the office, Kim can be found following blazes - her proudest personal accomplishments are backpacking the Grand Canyon and cycling a century. She spends her spare time helping her favorite organizations like the Public Relations Society of America and Friends of Ludington State Park.